BN-180 Mini GPS Module with Passive Antenna GLONASS+GPS UART TTL For CC3D F3 Flight Controller without Flash and Compass FZ2917

BN-180 Mini GPS Module with Passive Antenna GLONASS+GPS UART TTL For CC3D F3 Flight Controller without Flash and Compass FZ2917
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Tags: BEITIAN, BN-180, Mini GPS Module, GLONASS+GPS, passive antenna, GPS without compass, 4Pin 1.0mm connector male to male plug cable

Dimension :18mm*18mm*6mm
Weight : 4.9g
Connector : 1.00mm spacing between the 4pins patch seat
Electrical Characteristics
Receiving Format : GPS,GLONASS,Galileo,BeiDou,QZSS and SBAS
Frequency : GPS L1,GLONASS L1,BeiDou B1,SBAS L1,Galileo E1
Channels : 72 Searching Channel
Tracking : -167dBm
Reacquisition : -160dBm
Cold start : -148dBm
Hot start : -156dBm
Position Horizontal : 2.0 m CEP 2D RMS SBAS Enable (Typical Open Sky)
Velocity : 0.1m/sec 95% (SA off)
Timing : 1us synchronized to GPS time
Acquisition Time
Cold Start : 26s
Warm start : 25s
Hot start : 1s
Data and Update Rate
Support Rate : 4800bps to 921600bps,Default 9600bps
Data Level : TTL or RS-232,Default TTL level
Data Protocol : NMEA-0183 or UBX, Default NMEA-0183
Single GNSS : 1Hz-18Hz
Concurrent GNSS : 1Hz-10Hz,Default 1Hz
Operational Limits
Altitude : 50,000m Max
Velocity : 515m/s Max
Acceleration : Less than 4g
Power consumption
VCC : DC Voltage 3.0V-5.5V,Typical: 5.0V
Current : Capture 50mA/5.0V
Operating temp : -40 °C ~ +85°C
Storage Temp : -40°C ~ +105°C
Indicator :
TX LED:blue.The data output, TX LED flashing
PPS LED:red.PPS LED not bright when GPS not fixed,flashing when fixed
GND,TX output,RX input,VCC(3.0v-5.5v)
Package Included:
1 x BN-180 GPS Module
1 x 15cm 4Pin 1.0mm Connector to Dupont wire
 1 x 15cm 4Pin 1.0mm Connector male to male Plug Cable

Q:Is there any tuning that needs to be done? i attached it to my astro x quad. the speed lags and it doesn't show altitude.
A:As the GPS did not get enough signals, it delayed
Please let the antenna side face the sky and use it in the open environment
If there is obstacles, the signal is not good

Q: Is this module affected by week number rollover (wnro) issue?
A: No

Q: What kind of conditions are required to connect to satellites? Is outside required, or is inside adequate?
A: You need use it outside, in open environment

Q: I'd still like to know what a solid blue light means.  I read elsewhere that it means the device has failed in some way, or is failing.
A: When the blue light is on, it means there is data output. When the amount of output data is large, the blue light will always be on.
Could you tell me what is your  current baud rate and frequency?

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