HC-06 Wireless Serial 4 Pin Bluetooth RF Transceiver Module

HC-06 Wireless Serial 4 Pin Bluetooth RF Transceiver Module
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Tags: HC-06, Bluetooth, Transcceiver, module. 4Pin


The HC-06 is slave module, interface VCC,GND,TXD,RXD,STATE,EN. State interface can tell the status of LED, EN is enable pin, the current consumption<20uA when it is closed

LED indicate the status of bluetooth connection: if the LED is flashing, it means the bluetooth does not connect, if the LED is light, it means the bluetooth connected

Anti-reverse diode, with 3.3V LDO

Input voltage: 3.6-6V,

Current: The current is 30mA when it is unparied, it is 10mA when it is paried. The input voltage can not over 7V

Interface level 3.3V, it can be connected with various SCM directly, such as: 51, AVR, PIC, ARM, MSP430, etc. It is not allowed to connected with MAX232

Effective Distance: 10 meters in the open field

After paried, it can be used as full-duplex serial, it do not need anything about bluetooth protocol, but only support 8 data bits, 1 stop bit and no parity communication format

When it without bluetooth connection, it support baud rate, name, passkey through AT command. The information will be saved when power is off. After connection, it will be changed to pass-through mode automatically

Product Size: 4.03cm*1.52cm

Compatible with computer, cell phone, PDA, PSP (which with bluetooth function)

The default password is 1234


  By connecting the Arduino Bluetooth Module with the following features: ICSP Connector for.

     Bluetooth Module <===> ICSP Connector.

                       VCC <===> Pin 2

                       GND <===> Pin 6

                       TXD <===> Pin 4

                       RXD <===> Pin 1

* /


/ * Set the Bluetooth Serial TXD pin DIO 11 or match on MOSI pin ICSP Connector * /.
#define BT_SERIAL_TX_DIO 11
/ * Set the Bluetooth Serial RXD pin DIO 12 or match the MISO pin ICSP Connector * /.
#define BT_SERIAL_RX_DIO 12

/ * Create software serial port for connecting to Bluetooth * /.
SoftwareSerial BluetoothSerial (BT_SERIAL_TX_DIO, BT_SERIAL_RX_DIO);

void setup ()
   / * Set the baud rate for the hardware serial port * /.
   Serial.begin (9600);
   / * Set the baud rate for the software serial port * /.
   BluetoothSerial.begin (9600);


/ * Main loop that will pass any data to and from the Bluetooth mode to the host PC * /.

void loop ()
   / * If data is available from the Bluetooth module then pass it on to the hardware serial port. * /
   if (BluetoothSerial.available ())
     Serial.write (BluetoothSerial.read ());
    / * If data is available from the hardware serial port then pass it on to the Bluetooth module. * /
   if (Serial.available ())
     BluetoothSerial.write (Serial.read ());

Note: Please do not connect the power with the signal pins, or it will be burned

Package Included:

Default option 1: FZ0405A

1 X HC-06 bluetooth Transceiver  module

Option 2: FZ0405

1 X HC-06 bluetooth Transceiver module

1 X 4Pin Dupont Cable

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