HC-SR501 HC-SR505 AM312 PIR Pyroelectric Infared Sensor Module mini PIR Detector Module HC-SR501Mounting Bracket(Pack of 10pcs)

HC-SR501 HC-SR505 AM312 PIR Pyroelectric Infared Sensor Module mini PIR Detector Module HC-SR501Mounting Bracket(Pack of 10pcs)
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HC-SR501 Pir Motion IR Sensor Body Module Infrared for Arduino (Pack of 10pcs)

Condition:100% brand new with good quality
Product Type: HC-SR501 Body Sensor Module
Operating voltage range: DC 4.5-20V
Quiescent Current: <50uA Trigger: L can not be repeated trigger/H can be repeated trigger(Default repeated trigger)
Delay time: 0.3-200S(adjustable) the range is (0.xx second to tens of second)
Block time: 2.5S(default)Can be made a range(0.xx to tens of seconds
Board Dimensions: 32mm*24mm
Angle Sensor: <100 ° cone angle Lens size

Security Products
Human body sensors toys
Human body sensor lighting industrial automation and control, etc
Use:It can automatically and quickly open various types of incandescent, fluorescent lamps, buzzer, automatic doors, electric fans, automatic washing machine and dryer Machines and other devices, is a hightech products. Especially suitable for enterprises, hotels, shopping malls, warehouses and family aisles, corridors and other sensitive Sense of region, or for the security zone automatic lighting, lighting and alarm systems

Mini IR Human Sensor Detector Module IR Pyroelectric Infrared PIR Motion(Pack of 10pcs)


Small and exquisite appearance, it is convenient to carry.
Full-automatic induction, excellent sensitivity.
One kind of trigger modes, it is easy to operate.
Stable reliability, ultra low voltage operating mode.
It can be widely used in many kinds of automatic induction electric equipment.
Suitable for movement detection, automatic control, proximity switch, electronic theft prevention, safety protection, remote control measurement etc.

Color: white
Working voltage: DC 4.5-20V
Static current: <55uA
Electronic level output: High 3.3V/Low 0V
Trigger mode: Repeated triggering
BLockade time: 2.5S
PCB size: 10 * 23mm
Detective angle: <100°
Induction distance: less than 3m
Working temperature: -20---+80℃
Package weight: 4g
Package size: 15.2 * 9.9 * 0.4cm

AM312 PIR Sensor micro Human Body Motion Module(Pack of 10pcs)

Operating voltage range: DC2.7V to 12V
Quiescent Current: <0.1mA
Delay time: 2s
Blocking time: 2s
Trigger way: can be repeated trigger
Sensor distance:  less than 100degree, 3-5m(depends on specific lens)
Working temperature: -20 to +60C.degree
Modular lens: small lens

1,Enhanced anti-interference, internal digital signal processing, direct high and low level output.
2,Repeatable trigger mode: After the induction output high level, during the delay time period, if human body moves within its sensor distance, it will keep output high level, and it will became low level in delay time until human left.
That is: the sensor module automatically extends a delay time period after detecting each activity of the human body, and uses the time of the last activity as the starting point of the delay time.

Package included:

Option 1: 10 X HC-SR501 Sensor module (green pcb version)

Option 2: 10 X HC-SR501 Sensor module (blue pcb version)

Option 3: 10X Mounting bracket for HC-SR501 Sensor module

Option 4: 10 X HC-SR505 mini IR sensor

Option 5: 10 X AM312 PIR Sensor module

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