Keyes YX5200 MP3 Module with 8ohm 0.5W Speaker MP3 Voice Serial Control DIY Music Learning Kit for Arduino KY0001

Keyes YX5200 MP3 Module with 8ohm 0.5W Speaker MP3 Voice Serial Control DIY Music Learning Kit for Arduino KY0001
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In our daily life, we used to listen to music through MO3. How about we making a MP3 by ourselves with the circuit board?
The kit mainly includes a keyes YX5200-24SS MP3 module, a 8 ohm 0.5 watt small speaker and a 1 meter long Micro USB cable.
keyes YX5200-24SS MP3 music module is used to learn music. Its core is the YX5200-24SS voice chip, which perfectly integrates the hard interfaces of MP3, WAV, and WMA, and supports TF card drive. It is easy to use, stable and reliable.

The main functions of the module are as follows:
1. With TF card slot, we can directly read and play music in the card.
2. Comes with a serial communication interface (UART), we can control music playback through serial communication.
3. Comes with a micro USB interface (USB1), read the content of the SD card and download music.
4. With its own headphone jack (P1), conveniently listen to music.
5. Integrated audio amplifier chip and built-in speaker interface (S-OUT), which can be directly connected to external speakers for playback. The audio magnification is 8 times. Pick up
The power input into the speaker should be large enough. The initial sound after power-on is maximum by default. Please lower the sound before playing. When the speaker resistance is 8 ohms, the maximum output power is 1.2W.
6. Six commonly used buttons are installed externally to facilitate control and verification instructions.

Operating voltage:  DC5V
Operating current: MAX 1A
Max power consumption: 5W
Operating temperature: 10 to
Audio magnification: 8X
Support TF card: max 32G

Note: TF card is not included, You need prepare a TF card by yourself, and then install it on the keyes YX5200-24SS MP3 module.
Then connect to the computer by USB cable , select the U disk mode, and upload the corresponding music.
After uploading the music, press other buttons on the module to play the music.
When playing music, we can choose to use our own speakers to play, or connect our own headphones to the headphone jack of the module to play.

Package included:

1 X YX5200-24SS MP3 music module

1 X 8ohm 0.5W Speaker

1 X USB cable

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