DIYmall ESP32S 4 Channel Wifi Bluetooth Relay Module FZ2707

DIYmall ESP32S 4 Channel Wifi Bluetooth Relay Module  FZ2707
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Tags: ESP32S relay sensor, 4 Channel relay module, Wifi Bluetooth Relay Module

ESP32S 4 Channel Wifi Bluetooth Relay Module  

Input: 6V 0.750A
Relay capacity (per relay): 250Vac/10A, 125Vac/10A, 30VDC/10A
Relays: 4 independently controlled via ESP32
Interface: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

The relays can be switched on and off individually via BLE or Wi-Fi connection. Upon startup, the module creates a WPA2 protected Wi-Fi access point and BLE server. Over Wi-Fi, the relay states can be controlled with a simple GET statement for easy integration with your applications. The Wi-Fi webserver provides a JSON interface for relay states. A Bluetooth GATT server is created and can be used concurrently with the Wi-Fi access point.

Wifi connection, the wifi name is TEST, password is 123456789

IOS APP: The "DIYMall Relay Control" app in the App Store and Play Store are able to control the relays both over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Android APP: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=me.stratux.relaycontrol
Requires Android : 4.1 and up

Android APPhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=me.stratux.relaycontrol&rdid=me.stratux.relaycontrol

Document link: http://www.diymalls.com/files/FZ2707-esp32-bluetooth-relay-module.zip

Github link  https://github.com/nayarsystems/virkey


Questions and Answers
1. Does this module include a web server?
Yes, simple HTTP GET requests to 1) turn on/off module, 2) get states of relays in JSON format

2. Can the module be controlled by a browser on a PC (Firefox / Windows)?
 Yes. (activate relay 1), (deactivate relay 1), (JSON format, information on all relay states)

3. Can the module operate in client state, and connect to my existing AP, so I can control it over my existing LAN?
AP only, but can send the firmware to the user to modify easily to add to client state if the user is advanced (just need usb-to-serial). Requires firmware change.

4. And then, using port forwarding, can I control if over WAN?
If you do the above firmware change and you set up the relay client as the DMZ, yes

Package Included:
1 X ESP32S 4 Channel Wifi Bluetooth Relay Module 

Note: Pls kindly note that Iphone app is not available!

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