LGT8F328P UNO V2 Development Board Compatible with Arduino OCROBOT Open-source FZ3354

LGT8F328P UNO V2 Development Board Compatible with Arduino OCROBOT   Open-source FZ3354
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Arduino compatible boards normally use Microchip Atmel microcontrollers. Almost LGT8F328P microcontrollers designed by LogicGreen and the Atmel ATMega328P microcontrollers add some functions, such as DAC output, PWM specific functions, and calculation accelerator (DSC), etc. The clock speed of the MCU is also double (32 MHz).
The Keyes Funduino UNO V2 control board is a development board designed with the LGT8F328P LQFP48 chip as its core. It is not only compatible with the OCROBOT 0.1.2 IDE, but also compatible with the Arduino IDE. Before use, need to install the driver for the USB-to-serial port chip CH340G of control board.
We also provide a micro USB cable for you, so you can power up the control board and upload the code through USB interface.
There are two methods for powering the control board, one is via USB interface, the other is via a black DC jack with input voltage DC7-12V.
The board is fully compatible with UNO R3 shield.
Besides, it comes with a slide switch, selecting the operating voltage VCC for LGT8F328P Chip, DC 3.3V or DC 5V.
To conveniently connect some other sensor modules to this control board, some commonly used analog and digital interfaces are extended into 3PIN interface(GND, VCC, Signal ). And serial communication, SPI and I2C communication are leaded out as pin headers of 2.54mm pin pitch.
(1) Main control chip: LGT8F328P LQFP48
(2) USB to serial port chip: CH340G
(3) Input voltage: DC 5V (Micro USB power); DC jack supply (DC 7-12V)
(4) Output current (total): 80mA
(5) Common port driven current: 12mA
(6) Digital port (37): RX0(D0); TX1(D1); D2-D13; A0(D14); A0(D14); A1(D15); A2(D16); A3(D17); A4(D18); A5(D19); A6(D20); A7(D21); PB6(D22); A8(D23); A9(D24); A11(D26); PB7(D27); RST(D28); PE4(D31); PE5(D32); PF1(D33); PF2(D34); PF3(D35); PF4(D36); PF5(D37); PF6(D38); PF7(D39)
(7) Analog port (10): A0-A9; A11(12-bit 4096)
(8) Working frequency: 16MHz
(9) Comes with 4 LED lights: D13 indicator (labeled L) ; power indicator (labeled ON) ; Serial communication (RX TX)
(10) Comes with 1 reset button
(11) Comes with 1 Micro USB port: used to power up and upload the program
(12) Comes with a black DC jack: power supply (DC 7-12V)
(13) Comes with a slide switch: selecting the operating voltage for LGT8F328P chip (3.3V or 5V)
(14) Dimensions: 76mm x 53mm

Package Includes:
1 X LGT8F328P UNO V2 Development Board
1 X USB Cable

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