KT6368A Test Board Dual-Mode SPP BLE Transparent Transmission Module 3.3V Pure Data Chip Support BLE5.1/2.1 UART Serial AT Control Module FZ5004 (Pack of 5pcs)

KT6368A Test Board Dual-Mode SPP BLE Transparent Transmission Module 3.3V Pure Data Chip Support BLE5.1/2.1 UART Serial AT Control Module FZ5004 (Pack of 5pcs)
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KT6368A is a dual-mode pure data chip that supports BLE 5.1 version BLE and 2.1 version SPP function.

The highlight of the chip is its ultra-small size and ultra-low price, and simple transparent transmission and serial AT control function.

KT6368A supports connecting to mobile phones for two-way data interaction, commonly known as "Bluetooth-compatible Transparent Transmission". Through the UART interface, it supports common AT commands, such as: setting name, setting address, setting baud rate and so on.

The KT6368A is a dual-mode Bluetooth-compatible module (support BLE and SPP) designed for transparent wireless serial communication. It is a slave BLE device. Once it is paired to a master BLE device such as PC, smart phones and tablet, its operation becomes transparent to the user. All data received through the serial input is immediately transmitted over the air. When the module receives wireless data, it is sent out through the serial interface exactly at it is received. No user code specific to the BLE module is needed at all in the user microcontroller program.

The KT6368A supports two work modes: Normal working mode and LOW power working mode . At the normal working mode, the KT6368A support AT Command Control and UART Data Communication at the same time. At the LOW power work mode of the HC-05 just support the UART Data Communication.  User can change the system parameters (e.g. pin code, baud rate, etc) using host controller itself of a PC running terminal software using a serial to TTL converter. Any changes made to system parameters will be retained even after power is removed. Transparent UART data transfer with a connected remote device only while in KT6368A be connected.

The KT6368A will work with supply voltage of 2.2VDC to 3.4VDC. A Logic Level Converter is recommended to protect the KT6368A if connect it to a 5V device (Such as U-noR3 and Mega).


1.Working voltage: 2.2V-3.4V 【Recommend 3.3V】

2. The current at startup is 26mA. It stabilizes for about 1 second, then it drops to about 4mA.

3. The uart buffer provided by the chip is 1K bytes, and the default baud rate is 115200

4. For the BLE rate, we have not done a complete test. If you need high-speed transmission, please test it yourself

5. SPP transmission, it is recommended that a single packet of data does not exceed 512 bytes at a time, and the transmission rate is recommended to be measured by yourself

6. The transmission rate of BLE is different due to different mobile phone versions. Therefore, there is no way to uniformly explain the rate, the user measures it

Package Includes:

5 X KT6368A BLE SPP Module (default)

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