ASMB-03 High-torque Servo Controller Single Channel 1000Nm DIY 8V-48V/20A FZ5548

ASMB-03 High-torque Servo Controller Single Channel 1000Nm DIY 8V-48V/20A FZ5548
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Model: ASMB-03
Function: DIY Servo
Operating voltage: DC8V~48
Limit voltage: DC7V to 60V
No-load current: <30mA
Current Limit: 20A
Input signal pulse width: 0.5ms to 2.5ms/1ms to 2ms
Input Mode: pulse signal or analog voltage signal
Voltage signal input range: 0V to +5 V

Applications: medium and large robots, robots and other high-power high-torque control.

Using the drive corresponds to the internal circuit boards of commercially available small servos, the steering gear of the use of the drive with the user's motor and potentiometer consisting of arbitrary shape. The use of methods and assembled the same as ordinary servos, function the same. A wireless transceiver that can use a commercially available control a drive or control their own programming.

Drive voltage through the acquisition and motor rotor is connected on the potentiometer to determine the rotational angle of the motor.
Existing buyers make 200N.m steering gear through our products, and ultra-strong torque can produce large robot. One meter long robotic arm is easy to lift hundreds of kilograms of objects.
Our products are easy to install, only in accordance with the instructions provided, installed power cord, the motor line, the feedback angle with the potential to one ordinary gear motor assembly into a unimaginable super servos 240W motor by the deceleration mechanism theory can do 1000N.m torque general steering gear can not do. Your motor output torque controller how much your motor will be able to fight the super steering gear.
Use ordinary steering gear can be easily connected to the remote control or steering gear control operation is very simple! Do not act quickly, to create their own super-steering gear.
Servo motor is an important executive structure in robots, mechanism and electronics and(aeromodellings. ) Servomotor controller supplies necessary power and control signals.Through the power steering gear module will be common dc speed motor into high power steering gear, used for heavy robot arm or leg walk.

Package included:

1 X ASMB-03 High-torque Servo Controller

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