SIM7000A NB-IOT Breakout Board Quad-Band B2/B4/B12/B13 NB-IoT Module LTE CAT-M1(eMTC) GNSS GPS GLONASS Compatible with Arduino Uno Nano

SIM7000A NB-IOT Breakout Board Quad-Band B2/B4/B12/B13 NB-IoT Module LTE CAT-M1(eMTC) GNSS GPS GLONASS Compatible with Arduino Uno Nano
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Please pay attention for the sim card direction, there is marking onboard next to SIM slot which shows how you should place the sim card.

The notch part of the card should be towards the outside.

The SIM7000A is Multi-Band LTE FDD module solution in a SMT type which supports LTE CAT-M1(eMTC) and NB-IoT up to 375kbps data transfer.
It has strong extension capability with rich interfaces including UART, USB2.0, GPIO etc.
The module provides much flexibility and ease of integration for customer's application.

The package of SIM7000A is compatible with SIM900 and SIM800F.
AT commands of SIM7000A are mostly compatible with SIM800F.
This also maximizes the investments of customers, and enables a short time to-market.

It is designed for applications that need low latency, medium throughput data communication in a variety of radio propagation conditions.
Due to the unique combination of performance, security and flexibility, this module is ideally suited for M2M applications, such as metering, telematics, asset tracking, remote monitoring,E-health, mobile pos terminals and sharing bike.

General Features:
Quad-Band FDD-LTE B2/B4/B12/B13
Control Via AT Commands
Supply voltage range: 3.0V~ 4.3V, Typ: 3.8V
Operation temperature: -40°C to +85°C
Dimensions.24 X 24 X 2.6mm
Galileo, QZSS)Data LTE CAT-M1(eMTC)
- Uplink up to 375kbps, Downlink up to 300kbps NB-IoT
- Uplink up to 66kbps, Downlink up to 34kbps

Specifications for SMS
Point to point MO and MT
Text and PDU mode

Power off: 7uA
PSM: 9uA
Sleep: 1mA
Idle: 11mA
USB Driver for Microsoft Windows
USB Driver for Windows CE/Mobile
USB Driver for Linux/Android


You can't connect the micro USB interface to power the board directly, you need to power it via the USB to 2Pin cable, or 5V VCC Pin on MCU, but the latter not recommended. 

You need use Arduino Uno or Serial module to connect with SIM7000A board.

To send AT command via serial interface, please ensure Power pin and V_MCU pin on sim7000a board are connected with 5V.

Connection for SIM7000A and Uno:
Power -- 5V
V_MCU -- 5V

Connection for SIM7000A and Serial module:

Note: you need install driver for the serial module and switch it to 3.3V

V_MCU -- 5V

SIM7000A with USB cable

Power -- Red Wire

GND -- Black Wire

You can use SSCOM or other Serial port software.

Choose COM port and set Baud rate to 115200.

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Package included:

1 X SIM7000A NB IOT Breakout Board (Used in United States )

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