HTIT-WS ESP32 LoRa Wireless Stick, SX1276 + ESP32 LoRa WiFi BLE Module with 0.49" OLED Display, 8MB Flash, with Spring Antenna 433-470MHz/868-915MHz HT0001

HTIT-WS ESP32 LoRa Wireless Stick, SX1276 + ESP32 LoRa WiFi BLE Module with 0.49" OLED Display, 8MB Flash, with Spring Antenna 433-470MHz/868-915MHz HT0001
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Tags: HTIT-WS, Wireless Stick, ESP32 LoRa WiFi Development Board, 0.49" OLED Display, Spring Antenna, 433-470MHz, 868-915MHz, IOT Lora wifi module


SX1276 + ESP32 chipset
Compatible with Arduino IDE
Completed WIFI protocol
Full Standard BLE V4.2
0.49" OLED display 64X32 Resolution
LoRa wireless communication
Speed up to 150Mbps, output power up to+20dBm, receiver sensitivity up to -128dBm
Storage: 8MB(64M-Bits) SPI Flash
Transmission distance: 6KM in open space
Sleep current: 800uA
Power supply: Micro USB port, Lithum battery via SH1.25-2P socket
Onboard IPEX interface for LoRa antenna
Onboard CP2102 chipset


Adopt Espressif ESP32 chip
32-bit dual-core, 240MHz frequency
Integrated WiFi and Bluetooth
The main processor is completely free to run the user application.
An additional ULP coprocessor that monitors GPIOs, ADC channels, and controls most of the internal        peripherals.

Using Semtech's SX1276 chip
Supports 433MHz, 470MHz, 868MHz, 915MHz quad-band optional
Can be used as both a LoRa node and a micro gateway
Support LoRaWAN protocol
Node transmission distance: up to 6KM in open space
Output power: up to +20dBm (±2dBm)

802.11 b/g/n/e/i
802 802.11 n (2.4GHz), speed up to 150Mbps
802 802.11 e: QoS mechanism to implement wireless multimedia technology
MPDU and A-MSDU frame aggregation technology
Block reply, fragmentation and reorganization
Beacon automatic monitoring / scanning
802 802.11 i security features: pre-authentication and TSN
Support WPA / WPA2 / WPA2-Enterprise / WPS encryption
Infrastructure BSS Station Mode / SoftAP Mode
Wi-Fi Direct (P2P), P2P discovery, P2P GO mode and P2P power management
Support for IPv6

BLE V4.2 full standard, including traditional Bluetooth (BR/EDR)
And Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Supports standard Class-1, Class-2 and Class-3 without external power amplifier
Enhanced precision power control
Output power up to +10 dBm
NZIF receiver with BLE reception sensitivity of -128 dBm
Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH)
Standard HCI based on SDIO / SPI / UART interface
High speed UART HCI up to 4 Mbps
Support BT 4.2 controller and host protocol stack
Service Discovery Protocol (SDP)
Universal Access Application (GAP)
Security Management Protocol (SMP)
Low power Bluetooth
Supports all GATT-based Bluetooth low energy applications
SPP-Like Low-Power Bluetooth Data Transmission Protocol
BLE BLE Beacon
CVSD and SBC audio codec algorithms
Bluetooth piconet (Piconet) and scatternet (Scatternet)

Human interaction
0.49 inch OLED screen
button (reset and program)

Power supply
Input power: USB, lithium battery
Output power: +5V (only when USB is powered), +3.3V
Integrated lithium battery charging circuit
External power supply controlled by IO port to facilitate development board to enter low power consumption


UART UART, SPI, I2C, I2S, Mirco SD card
12 - bits ADC, 8 - bits DAC
29 general GPIO ports

Power consumption
Sleep current: 800uA
Size: 60mmX23mmX8mm

Package included:
1 X HTIT-WS LoRa EPS32 Wireless Stick
2 X Male Pin Headers (not soldered, you need solder it yourself)
1 X Spring antenna

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